Zed's Demise
Basic Info
Damage Very High
Force Low
Stamina Medium
Durability Low
Weapon Type Sharp

Zed's Demise is a legendary katana featured in Dead Island.


Zed's Demise is rewarded after completing the Banoi Butcher quest. The weapon's level requirement and stats scale to the Hero's level at the time of collecting it.

Zed's Demise deals extremely high damage, particularly against special infected and when combine with mods. Xian Mei users may further the weapon's damage by using her first blade skill, causing roughly 2000-3000 damage.

The opportunity to acquire Zed's Demise is lost after the mission Devil's Labyrinth.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Zed's Demise has exceptional damage, allowing it to have the 2nd highest base damage in the game (behind the Eviscerator). The weapon also has good handling, allowing for a high DPS, making it very useful against mobs of zombies or special infected. It also has an average durability, being 62~65 at level 60 allowing for multiple kills before repair. The best thing about the Zed's Demise is it is obtained as a quest reward, allowing for it to be obtained much easier than other legendaries due to their low drop rates, and if the player wishes to repeat the game, they can earn multiple Zed's Demises. If a player wishes to make easy money, they could consider fully upgrading this weapon and putting the Deathstalker mod on it, making it very expensive, and then duplicating the weapon repeatedly and selling the excess Zed's Demises.

Cons: While this weapon's durability isn't terrible, the repair cost is very high, so unless money isn't an issue this weapon isn't a good choice for continuous use.


  • The name of the sword is a reference to the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction. In the film, the character named Zed was not killed with a katana, but his colleague was. However, shortly after the scene involving those characters, Bruce Willis utters the well-known line: "Zed's dead, baby."
  • The katana's name is also a reference to zombies in general. Zed is the Commonwealth English pronunciation of Z, which is often used when referring to zombies.
  • Oddly, the sword doesn't show the graphical degradation in less-than-100% durability (i.e. blood stains, nicks, dents).