Where is my Pineapple?
DI Where is my pineapple
Difficulty Hard
Given By Nguyen
Reward 3000 XP, Tijuana Machete
Task Find Dr. Nguyen's scientific data from his bungalow.
Location Laboratory Next Wet Job

Where is my Pineapple? is a hard quest given to the Hero by Doctor Nguyen.


The Hero must travel to Nguyen's bungalow and retrieve his scientific data. The bungalow hangs on the very edge of a cliff overlooking the jungle, flipped upside down for some inexplicable reason.

To get there, the player must head up from the Laboratory to the main group of bungalows, then turn to the left and follow the path down until they reach the metal stairwell. They should descend carefully, as sections of the stairway have come loose and the player must jump across to reach them. There can be randomly generated special infected in the yard area before the house. When they reach the house, it's best to not jump in through the doorway because the player will most likely fall off the cliff. Instead, they should get onto the "roof" and jump in through the hole. To get out requires using the doorway, however.

In the bungalow is a single Walker as well as lootables, including an ID Card and a weapon mod.


  • During the main quest "No Time to Talk", due to actions happening, it's later impossible to turn in. If the player hasn't turned in "Where is My Pineapple" before, it is no longer possible to complete the quest.

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