Quest Waterdance
Difficulty Medium
Given By Proximity
Reward 1500 XP
Task Turn off the electricity in the area.
Location City Tunnel Gas Station Previous N/A
Next N/A

"Waterdance" is a medium quest given to the Hero in the area of the City Tunnel Gas Station in Dead Island.


There are three electrical switches that have to be turned off in order to cut off the electricity in the area.

The closest switch is in the open warehouse near the gas pumps. When the Hero gets there a few Infected will spawn in the nearby area and run to attack.

The other switch is in the closed warehouse behind the back of the gas station shop. There is an abandoned car that can be used to get inside the fence. There are a few Walkers and a Thug in the warehouse and workbench.

The farthest switch is above the entrance to the blocked tunnel. The Hero may have to pile a few crates to be able to reach the ladder; a good jump will make it as well.

Infected will attack the Hero, both from the area near the tunnel entrance and from the tunnel itself (those will be burning).


  • It is possible to skip turning off the switches by just simply hugging the gas station wall and reaching the ladder. Only 3 health bars will be gone if it's done fast enough. Keep in mind that doing this will be faster but riskier.
  • It is also possible to skip turning off the switches by jumping on top of the red car, making a dash run and then jumping on to the roof top of the workshop.
  • The switch above the tunnel can easily be accessed by driving a vehicle up to the ladder and climbing up on top of it.
  • There is a drivable vehicle near the gas station.
  • ID Card 24 is on the roof of the gas station shop. Be sure to first take out the Thug and the Walker on top.
  • There is a Fast Travel map at the tunnel entrance.


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