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Water is a miscellaneous item featured in Dead Island. Found all over Banoi Island, it is quite plentiful around the Resort's various bungalow and bar areas, and is used in a specific quest (see below). Unfortunately, the Hero can't use water to heal; it's strictly a quest item.


  • Found in survivor hideouts, bars, and abandoned bungalows.
  • Once "Nectar of Life" is accepted, quest markers will appear on the Hero's minimap, revealing nearby water.


Infinite Water Bottles

It is possible to get infinite water for Kim for infinite XP and money. The player must have unlocked Bunker 02 and go through the portal there. There should be two water bottles and a Suicider (if the player has reached that part of the story). Kill the Suicider and collect the bottles, then go back through the portal. Turn around and go through the portal again. The water bottles will reappear, allowing you to collect as many as you want. The Suicider will also occasionally reappear.

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