Walking Carcass
275px-Dead island riptide geoffrey nape sketch
Enemy statistics
Danger Level Riptide-threat-5
Speed Very slow
Special Skill(s) has very powerful attacks, inflicts a lot of damage, regenerates his health on every successful attack, cannot be knocked back or knocked down
Location(s) Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse

Nape knew all about the Quarantine Zone directive, that all bites by "the sick people" were to be reported. But he hadn't been bitten that hard, in fact it barely even broke the skin. And he didn't feel sick, so why should he report it? It was all a bunch of hysteria.
Dr. Kessler's casebook

When the military started quarantining everyone, all bites were to be reported, Geoffrey knew this but thought everyone was overreacting, He then was later bitten and reanimated as a Wrestler in his warehouse.

Geoffrey is killed with the rest of the undead in his warehouse when the Heroes clear it out.

Geoffrey "Walking Carcass" Nape is a Champion zombie, and is found in his warehouse in Henderson. He appears as a Wrestler, and is one of the the thirteen Champion zombies needed to obtain the Hunter Seeker achievement/Trophy

Geoffrey "Walking Carcass" Nape is the strongest enemy in Dead Island: Riptide Health wise, followed by Wayne.

He can be found three times: At his warehouse, at the military base (he will not be there in the first time) and at the Quarantine Zone.

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