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The Wakizashi in action

The Wakizashi is a sharp melee weapon featured in Dead Island. It is found on the later stages of the game, in several different variations. The Wakizashi is a shorter, one-handed version of the Katana, similar to a traditional Japanese shortsword. Its damage stats are similar to the Katana, but it has a shorter range and faster swing than a standard Katana, and also a lower durability.

Xian Mei can perform a special attack when her first blade skill is upgraded. The skill is activated when the player aims at an enemy's head or neck, then Xian presses the blade against their neck, causing roughly 1000–2000 damage.

Note: Depending on the rarity of the weapon, its low durability can be coupled with a very expensive repair cost, regardless of how little it is damaged before repairing. Unless money is not a concern, it's recommended to use this weapon only on special infected.




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