DI Vargass
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Cuba Cuban

Status Deceased
Location Antenna

Vargas was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located at the Antenna Tower in the Jungle, and was a member of the Afran's gang.

He is the primary focus of the side quest Death Wish, in which the Hero must track him down and kill him in retribution for his murder of Katie. His death is requested by Carter, Katie's husband.

He is located at the Transmission Station where another quest Spy Game finishes.


  • In the objectives menu, Vargas' name is misspelled as "Vargass".
  • Like Zipper, Wolf, and Rage Machine, Vargas is equipped with an Auto Rifle, and has slightly more health than a normal human enemy (about 33% to 50% more health), enough to usually require two headshots to kill.
  • If you got to the area where he is before you accept the death wish quest you can kill all his crew then kill him then if you accept the death wish quest then go back there he will be the only one alive and looks exactly the same as the guy you killed earlier.

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