Vang Chi
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Laos Laotian

Family Amber Chi (daughter)
Status Alive(likely escaped with his daughter)
Location Moresby
Quest(s) Heroes and Villains

Vang Chi is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located in the southwest section of the city of Moresby. The Hero finds him in the streets, panicking and looking for help. When the Hero talks to Vang, he tells the Hero about how they have "her" and "she's" just over here. He leads the Hero down an alley way, where he apologizes just before the Hero is ambushed by bandits.

After the bandits have been dealt with, Vang pleads for his life and explains the bandits have taken his daughter, Amber, and forced him to trick the Hero. He then gives the Hero the side quest Heroes and Villains, in which the Hero must find and rescue Vang's daughter. Although unseen after Amber is saved, Vang reunites with her and they flee to an unknown location.


  • His name suggests he is possibly of Hmong or Lao heritage.