Difficulty N/A
Given By Proximity
Reward 1500 XP, Cash*
Task N/A
Location Jungle Previous N/A
Next N/A

These are side quests in Dead Island given to the Hero by virtue of their location. There are several of them, each in a different location. None will be logged in the Hero's quest log.


There are several (5) unmarked quests in different places in the Jungle. Each consists of killing several Jungle Muggers. When each is complete the Hero receive XP and the Jungle Muggers will not respawn.


  • One of these is on the north western road on the way from the initial entry point to the Overpass Camp. It is just east of the merchant. A survivor or two is in a gun battle with Jungle Muggers. In addition to XP, there is a Cash reward for this quest. When this is completed the area will be clear in future.
  • Another is just east of the Waterfall Bunker fast travel location. Follow the road just south of the bunker east until you come to a 3-way intersection. There will be a couple trucks and muggers shooting at a survivor. In addition to the xp, there is a cash reward for this quest.
  • The other quests are located where the map shows collections of tents (there are 3-4 locations). One location is in the top right corner of the map, one is underneath the bridge just south of where the quest Bridge too Far is located, and one is at the end of the winding mountain pass south of Overpass camp where the Pride Rifle Mod can be found. When these areas are cleared and the XP awarded Zombies will be present on subsequent visits. There is no Cash reward for these quests.
  • One location on the map next to a bunker looks like it has a tent but actually has a locked chest with a white parachute.

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