Uninvited Guests
Given By Alicia Jacobs
Reward 1500 XP, Battle Double Blade
Task Clear the undead from the house
Location Moresby

Uninvited Guests is a side quest given to the Hero by Alicia Jacobs. This quest is received upon entering the Abandoned Apartment in the slums. The house is located 175 meters southeast of the Church and 75 meters directly northeast of the Warehouse, on the far right side of the map. You'll know you're there when a woman screams for you from a balcony.


The Hero must eliminate the zombies in and around Alicia's house.


There are six Walkers in the hallway. With Patch 1.3 some of the Walkers are Infected. The easiest way to handle this is to run and jump on the bunk bed frame in the corner. Now kick to eath all enemies that approach (throw weapons at others that don't when you're ready for them). Work your way around this hallway, killing the undead, then find the double doors that lead to the stairwell. There are two Infected waiting for you in the stairwell; kill them and make your way up the stairs.

Second Floor

There are three Infected and a Thug seen at the end of the hallway that you must kill. You can lure the Infected (sometimes one at a time) into the stairwell where you can jump on the table at the top. This is a convenient defense point.

Last door on the right

The last door on the right on the second floor is open. Undead are seen scratching at Alicia's door. Once you have dealt with the undead, carry on through the apartment. On the left is a kitchen and straight ahead is Alicia Jacobs's bedroom, and on the right is the bathroom. Inside the bedroom is Alicia Jacobs; talk to her to get your reward. There is also a Glazed Mod on the bed, be sure to pick it up as you cannot re-enter once the quest is done (but see notes).

Colored Skulls

The Blue Skull can be found in this house as well as the Purple Skull altar. The Blue Skull is to the room right off where Alicia Jacobs is. Turn left after entering the room, and you'll see a small closet with a glass door. Break the door and take the skull inside. The Purple Skull altar is located in the room to the left of where Alicia is. After picking up the Purple Skull (not the Blue one) you can drop it on the burning stove to receive the Developer's No. 4 Craft.

WARNING! You cannot re-enter this house after the quest is completed. Don't enter there without the Purple Skull, and remember to pick up the Blue Skull. Previously, you could still re-enter the house if you didn't speak with Alicia and complete the quest. However, this was fixed in Patch 1.3.

If you don't yet know what the Skulls are, visit this page.


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