Two Hearts
DI Quest Two Hearts
Difficulty Very Easy
Given By Jennifer Snider
Reward 500 XP, Heavy Mod
Task Find Anne, Jennifer's sister.
Location Diamond Bungalows Previous Toy Story
Next N/A

Two Hearts is a very easy quest given to the Hero by Jennifer Snider in Dead Island.

The quest is available only after the Hero completes the quest Toy Story.


The Hero must find Anne Snider, who is located in a bungalow in the Hotel Bungalows area with Kim. Once Anne has been talked to, the Hero must return to Jennifer and inform her that Anne is safe.

Since you already know where Anne Snider is by having visited her in the Toy Story quest and you obviously now know where Jennifer Snider is, this quest is quite easy. Pick your favorite path between their locations and deal with whatever gets in your way.

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