Toy Story
Di toy story
Difficulty Easy
Given By Anne Snider
Reward 500 XP, Nuts & Bolts Mod
Task Retrieve Anne's teddy bear.
Location Hotel Bungalows Previous N/A
Next Two Hearts

"Toy Story" is an easy side-quest given to the Hero by Anne Snider in Dead Island.


The Hero must retrieve a teddy bear for Anne Snider, who is distraught and claims she cannot sleep without him.


Upon reaching the Bungalow 15 where the bear is located, the Hero will have to engage Hector Lecter, a deranged man who attacks them. Hector is armed with a knife and deals considerable damage and it is advised to aim directly for his head to make him stagger. The simplest way to handle this is to kill Hector Lecter with throwing weapons upon entering the room and without approaching (he won't become agressive until approached).

After killing Hector Lecter and taking the bear, the Hero returns to Anne and gives it to her, completing the quest.


  • The Two Hearts quest is not available from Jennifer Snider until this quest has been completed.
  • Hector Lecter has a modded knife, but when killed the Hero will only get a normal knife off him. One report states that when the player confronted Hector, only normal damage was dealt to the player (no special effects).
  • On rare occasions when attacking Hector your game may crash.


  • The title of this quest is a reference to the popular film series of the same name.

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