Mayor Todd Tanis
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Mid 30s to early 40s

Australia Australian

Status Deceased, thug
Location Moresby - Town Hall

You're here to find food and medicine. Well, I'm sorry, but that's impossible. Our supplies are limited and we need everything we have.
— Todd explains his situation to the Hero

Mayor Todd Tanis was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was the mayor of Moresby and the leader of the survivors barricaded inside the Town Hall. Todd is first seen after the Hero arrives at the Town Hall. He is found upstairs blocking a town map, but is too busy to speak to the Hero.

Unfortunately, after returning from the supermarket quest, the Town Hall is overrun, and Todd is infected. The Hero finds the infected Todd in the same room as before, with a dead body, and must kill him to complete the Big Daddy, Where Are You? quest and obtain the Mayor's Universal Key. Infected Todd is somewhat unique in that he behaves like a Thug, but is of normal height.


What the hell?
— Todd, upon first seeing the Hero



  • Although Todd is seen in front of a Fast Travel map, the map can never be used. Todd is blocking the Hero from accessing the map upon arrival, and the map is seen broken when the Hero revisits the Town Hall after returning from the supermarket.

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