Time for Booze
DI Time For Booze
Difficulty Medium
Given By Svetlana
Reward 1000 XP, Diamonds
Task Find a bottle of Champagne for Svetlana.
Location Diamond Bungalows Previous N/A
Next N/A

Time for Booze is a continuous event in Dead Island given to the Hero by Svetlana during Act I.


The Hero is asked by Svetlana to locate a bottle of Brand Champagne for her. She offers diamonds in exchange. This is a repeatable quest.

Champagne locations

There are several places where the Hero can find some Brand Champagne.

Act I

  • Some can be found close to the Lighthouse area of the beach. With Patch 1.3 I have never seen any outside of a refrigerator. This increase in difficulty and rarity was probably added to make Diamonds harder to acquire. It's probably also why the XP value was increased 10-fold.
  • During the main quest "Born to Be Wild", the player will have to go through the hotel kitchen; they can find a few bottles here.

Act II


  • In the Laboratory there are three refrigerators that, like the ones in the abandoned houses, may contain a bottle of Champagne. Two are located in the same room as Doctor Robert West and the other is in the section that is unlocked by Bob during the side quest "Rats in the Lab".
  • Outside the Laboratory, in an inaccessible room. A refrigerator can be looted through the window near a white broken down car.


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