Tijuana Machete
Basic Info
Damage High
Force Medium
Stamina Medium/Low
Durability Medium/High
Weapon Type Sharp

The Tijuana Machete is a Legendary Weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide.

Dead Island

This machete is received as a reward for the quest "Where is my pineapple?" given by Dr. Nguyen in the Laboratory.

The level requirement and stats all scale to the player's level at the time of collecting the reward, and do not increase once the player has collected it.


  • Despite being a legendary weapon, it has virtually the same appearance as an ordinary bolo machete. The only difference being the blade is more 'polished'.
  • You can not complete the quest after the Lab has been overrun with zombies.


  • Unlike other machetes, when equipped with the Hot Rod Mod, the blade of the Tijuana Machete will not display the red hot glow effect. It will still function as a heat-based weapon, igniting flammable zombies and dealing fire damage.

Dead Island: Riptide

After leaving the Flooded Jungle for Henderson, the Tijuana Machete generate at the Paradise Survival Camp. It is lodged in the counter of the bar. Can be bought in premium shops but rare.


  • This weapon was previously called "The Black Mamba" or simply "The Machete", but it was changed to "Tijuana Machete" after a recent update.
  • This machete may be in reference to an incident with a machete in Tijuana Valley in August of 2010. See here for more details.


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