The Storm
Difficulty Medium
Given By Starting the Game
Reward XP, Cash
Task Escape from the ship
Location Military Ship Previous NONE
Next Castaway

The Storm is the tutorial mission of Dead Island: Riptide and is therefore the first main quest. Its rewards include XP and cash as well as completing The Storm achievement/trophy.


The Hero wakes up alone in their room. They set off to find where the others are, on the way picking up various weapons such as a Police Baton and a Pistol. On the way, the engine room sets on fire and the captain sends a request through the megaphone asking anyone in or near the room to try and stop the fire. Once the hero stops the fire using the sprinkler system, the captain says that he deserves a medal. After this, the captain's control room is heard being breached and soon after, the captain goes quiet. Once above deck, the player meets with the other Heroes and Hardy. Once he's met them, Frank Serpo is seen flying off and leaving the heroes behind in his helicopter. The heroes fight a big group of zombies and make their way to the control room. Once inside, the hero must fight walkers and the zombie captain. Afterwards, the ship begins hitting rocks and the heroes fall off the ship.


  • Get Out of The Cells
  • Find a way to the 2nd deck
  • Find a weapon
  • Find what's going on on the ship
  • Stop the gas flow.
  • Find your way out of the engine room.
  • Reach the upper deck.
  • Secure the landing pad.




  • Starting a new game with the previous character after completing Dead Island: Riptide will skip this quest. Instead, the Hero will wake up on the beach after the ship ran aground.

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