The Ritual
During the battle
Difficulty Very Hard
Given By Batram
Reward XP, Cash
Task Defend Paradise Survival Camp
Location Paradise Survival Camp Previous Natural Resources
Next Way of Science

The Ritual is the tenth main quest in Dead Island: Riptide. It is given to the player by Batram from Marcus Villa's house in Mataka Village


After finding the wrong map, the hero asks Batram. Batram tells the player that Marcus Villa is evil and is trying to learn and recreate the old, dark rituals. The hero goes to Halai Village to speak to Marcus. In Halai, the player goes to see Jackson who as usual is guarding the gate. Jackson tells the player that Marcus has gone to Paradise Survival Camp to find the immune and perform a sacrafice in which he eats some of their flesh. When the player gets to Paradise, Marcus is stood atop a platform shouting at everyone, asking for the immune. When he is told to get down, he throws a Molotov Cocktail into the treehouse, causing the whole place to set alight. Due to the amount of activity caused by the burning treehouse, a horde of zombies begins to swarm it. The survivors have to try and survive against the zombies, including Mr. Dead, until Harlow comes to help. Once she arrives, she cuts down the door, and the survivors escape to Halai.


  •  Find Marcus Villa's map and notebook
  • Ask Batram about the map
  • Go to Halai
  • Go to Paradise Survival Camp
  • Survive until Harlow arrives

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