The First Head of Cerberus
DI The First Head of Cerberus
Difficulty Medium
Given By Garett Grant
Reward 1500 XP, Cash
Task Activate four loudspeakers in the Shanty Town.
Location Moresby Previous Message to the Masses
Next The Second Head of Cerberus

The First Head of Cerberus is a medium quest given to the Hero by Garett Grant in Dead Island.


The Hero must activate four loudspeakers in the Shanty Town.

The first speaker is across the street from where Garett Grant is. It is defended by 5 Raskols with pistols. They also have 2 Molotov Cocktails sitting on a table as loot. Unlike other groups of Raskols they have zero food (unless some randomly spawns on one that was killed) however. Do not rely on the checkpoint here. You will respawn into 5 Raskols that will be shooting at you. In fact when I did this (to test) I heard sounds of shouting and them shooting even before video was up.

The second and third speakers are on connected rooftops and the third has zombies guarding it (yes, on the rooftop). The way up is on the south of a building past the entry to the abandoned house (the one related to the Blood Ties quest). The building with the ladder is the one with an open section with a workbench. Of all the checkpoints in the quest (besides receiving and completing it) the second speaker checkpoint is probably the only safe one.

The fourth speaker has 2 Suiciders guarding it once the rooftop is reached. Look for a shadow to identify the location of the first and take it out with an area effect weapon. The second can then be dealt with easily from range by going to where the first was (there's just enough angle on it). Running past the first one leaves you too close to the second to engage without killing yourself. Running past and then looping back might work, however. To get to the 4th rooftop climb the platform in the middle of the street and jump. The set of 4 Raskols in the intersection need not be engaged at all and are actually rather efficient at killing the many undead trying to get at them (none of which can).


  • The Thug at the third speaker cannot get over the step to leave the area, making it an easy kill. With Patch 1.3 this is fixed sometimes (seen it trapped, seen it not trapped).


  • The title is a reference to the three-headed dog named Cerberus from Greek mythology.

Video Walkthrough

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