The Dead Can't Dance
Given By Eva (Henderson)
Reward Cash
Task Turn off the loud music playing at the cafe and rescue Eva
Location Villa Henderson

The Dead Can't Dance is a Civilian Rescue quest in Dead Island: Riptide. Unlike other civilian rescue quests, when the Hero nears Eva's location in Villa Henderson, the quest does not automatically activate. Instead, the Hero must climb up to the roof and talk with Eva.

After climbing down and bashing in the door to gain access to the cafe, the cafe's alarm will sound, causing more walkers and infected to swarm the area. To turn off the alarm, the hero must find and turn off the nearby transformer further west in the square. After turning off the alarm, the Hero returns to Eva for the reward. After thanking the Hero, she mentions she will make her way to the Makeshift Hospital, where she can be found for the rest of the game.


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