Tell Me Where It Hurts
DI Quest Tell Me Where It Hurts
Difficulty Medium
Given By Mick Fler
Reward 500 XP, Deo-Bomb Blueprint
Task Find a bottle of painkillers and 3 bandages for Linda.
Location Lighthouse Previous N/A
Next N/A
Tell Me Where It Hurts is a medium quest given to the Hero by Mick Fler.


The Hero must find a bottle of painkillers and three bandages for Linda. They are told they should check infirmaries and ambulances.

It's quite simple to find what's needed. The Hero can Fast Travel to the Lifeguard Tower and check the infirmary for some of both, then leave the tower and follow the road to an ambulance (which is also linked to the Life in the Bag sidequest).

As the items will respawn visiting the Lifeguard Tower multiple times can provide everything needed.


  • The quest description states that the Hero must find a bottle of painkillers and three bandages for Linda. However, the Hero only actually has to bring one or the other. It is quite possible that they will already have the items before they visit the Lighthouse the first time and so can complete the mission immediately.
  • The Deo-Bomb is the most powerful area effect weapon able to be acquired this early in the game (i.e., Act I). In Act II and later, as the Hero increases in level, Molotov Cocktails will be less and less effective. As such Deo-Bombs should be saved up for this time. Deo-Bombs may be as powerful as a grenade.

Video Walkthrough

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