It's Covered in Blood

(Snarling) Guard #1: Look out! Behind the door! Guard #2: Kill that fucking thing! (Gunfire; weapons fall silent) Guard #1: Oy! What’s that on the ground? Guard #2: No, it’s not a phone. Must be some kind of digital recorder. Don’t pick it up. It’s covered in blood. Just leave it. (Footsteps retreat, door slams shut)
Tape Recordings #12
Tape Recorder #12 is part of a collection of twelve recordings found across Dead Island. It is part of the challenge "My collectibles, let me show you them!", and the Achievements/Trophies "Gotta find'em all" and "Nearly there".

Bugs: Sometimes the tape recorder is missing the button icon needed to play.

It can be found on the second floor of the medical ward in the Prison at a T-junction beside a dead body. (The body is not Roger Howard's because it is in a convict's uniform and is not behind a door.)

Can be seen on the following map:


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