Message for the Family

I'm so sorry, Karen. I'm really so sorry. I know I haven't always been there for you and Jakey. I know I haven't been the best husband or father. I know you told me I'm always on the road… always working on the next story. And surprise, you're right. But I'm recording this for you and I'm hoping someone will find it, because I don't think I have much time. I'm hiding in the back of a small store. They don't know I'm here, but I can hear them. They're looking for me. Jakob, I'm so sorry I won't be there for you. Won't see your ball games or help you with your homework, not that I was ever very good at that… (Nervous chuckle) Oh, fuck.
Tape Recordings #05
Tape Recorder 05 is part of a collection of twelve recordings found across Dead Island. It is part of the challenge "My collectibles, let me show you them!" and the Achievements/Trophies "Gotta find 'em all" and "Nearly there".

During the "Radio Ga Ga" quest, the recording is on the counter.

Can be seen on the following map:


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