Hiding in the Slums

Okay, is this thing on? Testing? Testing? A few other survivors and I have made it to the city to find food and shelter. We are holed up in the slums, hiding in a rat-infested building. We're trying to fortify it the best we can to keep out… keep out what? Ah… Keep out… I don't even know what. It's, uh, heh… It's like something out of a… out of a goddamn horror movie. It's gotta be some kind of an illness. But I'm not a doctor, I don't know what kind. But what I do know is that people appear… well, they appear to die and then they get up, they rise up and… their minds are gone. They attack those who I presume aren't infected yet and… I know this is… this is going to sound really crazy, but they eat human flesh. (Gurgling) Did you hear that? They're massing outside. Shit. They know we're in here. People… people need to know what's happening here. It's the only reason I'm still recording these fucking messages. So people will know what— (Window breaks) Oh, shit, shit, they're getting in! Shit… Fuck… (Recording breaks)
Tape Recordings #04
Tape Recorder 04 is part of a collection of twelve recordings found across Dead Island. It is part of the challenge "My collectibles, let me show you them!", and the Achievements/Trophies "Gotta find'em all" and "Nearly there".

On a rooftop in the center of Moresby, next to the third speaker from "The Third Head of Cerberus" quest.

Can be seen on the following map:


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