Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 20s

Russia Russian

Status Alive
Location Diamond Bungalows

Everything is so fucked up. And these half-dead assholes? They're fucking annoying.
— Svetlana
Svetlana is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is found in the Diamond Bungalows, in the same bungalow where the player finds Jennifer Snider and William Powell.

A profoundly shallow woman with a "party girl" personality, Svetlana seems entirely unconcerned about the zombie apocalypse occurring outside, not even bothering to close the doors of her bungalow, trusting the makeshift barricade on the walkway to keep out the undead. Her only plans are to get extremely drunk and celebrate the end of the world, however she will not accept alcohol, specifically asking for Brand Champagne. This manifests in the continuous event "Time for Booze", in which the player must find her Champagne in exchange for diamonds.



  • Svetlana is well known for her repeated phrase, "Oooh! Champagne!".

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