Supermarket Journey
DI Supermarket Journey
Difficulty Hard
Reward 5000 XP
Task Gather supplies from the supermarket.
Location Sewers, Supermarket Previous Head Against the Wall
Next Bitter Return

"Supermarket Journey" is a hard quest given to the Hero by Josh in Dead Island.


The Hero must gather supplies from the Supermarket. However, it was taken over by one of the Raskol gangs, and the Hero must reach it via the Sewers.


When the Hero emerges from the sewers, they arrive in the cellars. As they snake through these damp spaces, they come across a steam vent that can be turned off, but they'd be wise to re-activate it once they've lured over the throng of zombies feasting just ahead. Eventually, the player arrives at a staircase. After they take a minute to investigate the shopping carts underneath it for one of the Orange Skull, they continue up the stairs and into the heart of the market.

Their arrival in the actual market area will alarm the bandits that will use their firearms eagerly. However, there's enough cover behind the various produce stands and plenty of food items strewn all over that can be used to restore health. Once the Hero has put the bandits down, it's right time to comb through the market, looting cash registers and picking up ID Cards and Banoi Herald Excerpts.

Down the hall and through the door on the right is a Walker and some cabinets to check. The next room has an Infected inside and a Walker. There is also a metal chest on top of the cupboards by the computers. Behind the nearby double doors are a Ram and a Walker. After the player deals with them, it's time to move on in to the warehouse and take out the bandits in the next room.

When done, push the pallet into the truck to finish the quest and trigger the cut-scene.


  • Having the Picture of Bliss sidequest active (accepted but not completed) while performing this quest is a good idea. It's one of the very few sidequests that will be available if the Hero started in the sewers. This allows the use of the Patch 1.3 smart waypoint system so the player can make the sidequest his tracked quest, exit the menu, and then exit the game. When reloaded the Hero will start in the Warehouse/Simon's Hub where items can be bought and sold and it's an easy matter to find some Raskols to kill for more pistol ammunition.

Video walkthrough

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