Substance of Matter
DI Substance of Matter
Difficulty Medium
Given By Frank
Reward 8500 XP, Deathstalker Mod
Task Bring aluminum potassium from the storeroom to the lab.
Location Laboratory

Substance of Matter is a medium quest given to the Hero by Frank.


The Hero must travel to the storeroom and retrieve some aluminum potassium and bring it back to the lab.

The lab storeroom is located within the lab compound, so the journey is safe on foot. From the lobby of the lab, circle around to the right (toward the main gate), walking along the buildings to a fenced area. Open the fence gate and proceed straight.

In this area, there is a Floater and a Butcher in addition to a few other lesser Zombies. To defeat the butcher, should be able to jump onto a skip, if you have long reaching weapons, or use Rage if available.

Once these two enemies are defeated, the journey into the storeroom is comparatively simple. The storeroom has a few walkers inside, and one tank of Aluminum Potassium.

The tank of chemical must be returned to Frank's lab; the drop point is on the left when you enter his lab.


  • Aluminum Potassium is used as an antibacterial, implying the zombie virus might actually be a bacteria. Or that they're trying to see if bacteria affect it (possibly a combination effect that causes different types of Zombies). Or that it's to help prevent bacteria from contaminating samples.


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