A Sticky Bomb prop (female)

The Sticky Bomb is a projectile weapon featured in Dead Island that impales and then explodes. It may also be used as a sharp melee weapon, to slash zombies until ready to be thrown.

See also: Sticky Bomb Mod


  • It can be acquired by finishing the Main Quest "Drowned Hope" in Act II, which is given by Mother Helen, and then met up Antonio Margarete to get the mod.
  • It acts like a one-time version of the Developer's No. 4 Craft, aka Mindblowing Military Knife.
  • When crafting, only Knives can be used. Cleavers, Machete, and other one-handed, bladed weapons cannot be use to craft the Sticky Bomb.
  • Unlike the Mindblowing Military Knife (aka Developer's No. 4 Craft), the Sticky Bomb does not explode on impact, but explodes after a short delay after impact, so it is advised that the player should keep his/her distance before approaching the target.
  • It is advised that the player should not waste the Sticky Bomb on Suicider, since it will still kill the Suicider but the weapon itself will still disappear after use.
  • When crafting mods like this, it is advised that you use items that are cheap and have lower base stats so that you're not spending too much and incurring a loss when used.



  • The Sticky Bomb is quite similar to Lucifer from Devil May Cry 4, such as they both are melee weapons that can be used to attack malevolent foes ex. Demons in Devil May Cry and Zombies in Dead Island) this will also never break the weapon, they can be launched at the foes and explode when pierced, but this will break the weapon (ex. The Knife of the Sticky Bomb will break and the swords of Lucifer will break when you start a command) the weapons have a metallic grey color with a red color, depending when this may happen. And, they also are highly fatal to the enemies. However, these weapons don't work on benevolent individuals (ex. Survivors and humans) as the survivors may be far or the knife will just fall of you throw it in "Dead Island" and the humans will probably not be around you in the areas in "Devil May Cry 4" and their design is different.

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