Sticks are melee weapons in Dead Island. The rare versions are random drops the can be found from defeated zombies or in random chests. Just as every other weapon in the game, the damage varies depending what level the character is.

When your character is still at the very early levels of the game in the Resort area, they can easily get hold of a Broomstick because they can be found everywhere, same as the Paddle.


  • Broomstick
  • Stick


  • Most Sticks only go up to level 24 and are very weak.
  • Sticks do not have a very high durability, so it is recommended to not have one in your inventory because it would only be consuming crucial inventory space.
  • In the Resort section, Broomsticks can be seen impaled onto dead bodies.
  • It can be modified with the Nail'd Mod to create a Nail'd Stick.

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