Stanley Garrison
Di stanley garrison
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Australia Australian

Location Hotel Bungalows
Quest(s) Out of Stock

My bloody hands are shaking...
— Stanley Garrison

Stanley Garrison is a survivor featured in Dead Island.

Stanley has managed to hold out by hiding in one of the poolside bar huts amongst the large pool area of the Hotel. While he seems somewhat intoxicated already, he claims that he cannot move until he gets a drink to "get himself even". Apparently having drunk the bar hut dry, he asks the Hero to search for more booze for him, initiating the side quest Out of Stock. Once he has received fifteen alcohol bottles, he shuts the door and starts puking, thus ending the quest. After that, if the Heroes were to return, the bar door is wide open and there is no one inside, it is unknown where Stanley went, but in his heavily drunken state he might've wandered off and was likely killed.

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