Stamina drain from sprinting

Stamina is an in-game feature of Dead Island. It can affect the Hero if they: sprint for too long, swing a weapon too much or jump or dodge attacks too much. It is indicated by a blue bar on the screen that depletes when one of the actions mentioned are performed. If the bar depletes the Hero will be winded momentarily whilst they catch their breath back. Also, if the bar is depleted and the Hero is attacked by an enemy they would be knocked down, similar to the punch of a Thug or being rammed by a Ram.


  • Xian Mei has the most stamina of the player characters while Logan has the least.
  • Logan has the least stamina without his upgrade, with the upgrade however, he has the most stamina of all.
  • Xian Mei with upgrade restore 30% stamina with each kill, which makes her almost never run out of stamina in a fight.
  • A picture compare between stamina of all heroes:
Order of stamina (from the top): Logan, Purna, Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan with upgrade


  • When the Rage Mode is activated, the Hero has infinite stamina.

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