Spy Game
DI Quest Spy Game
Difficulty Hard
Given By Nick
Reward 1500 XP, Old Smoky Mod
Task Record a transmission for Nick.
Location Square Previous A New Broom Sweeps Clean
Next N/A

"Spy Game" is a hard side-quest in Dead Island given to the Hero by Nick in Moresby.


The Hero must record the radio transmissions of the military forces in order to see whether or not they're behind the infection.

Much like the "Nighthawk" and "A Voice from Above the Sky" quest, this one can't be completed until the Jungle is reached in Act III.

The location of the marker for the quest is at the Transmission Tower.

Note the map marker leads to the roof but the radio is found inside the building, above the eye level. Upon finding the recordings, it is discovered that the military is aware of the outbreak on the island but are keeping knowledge of the incident covered up.

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