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Six Feet Under
DI Quest Six Feet Under
Difficulty Medium
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Reward 1500 XP, Wicked sickle
Task Find a spade for Owain
Location St. Christopher's Church
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"Six Feet Under" is a side quest in Dead Island given to the Hero by Owain.


The Hero must provide Owain with a spade, so he can bury the corpses.

Despite asking for a shovel or a spade, the quest description only says a spade, and he will only accept spades. He won't accept rusty ones either, nor will he accept broken spades.

Spade locationsEdit

See the Gallery below for more details


A spade is found inside the fence in front of the Old Marina Workshop where the Hero takes the armored truck to be modified during Act I before leaving to Moresby. (See the "Misery Wagon" article for more details.) Standing in the workshop looking out, it is on the right by a barrel. On a second play-through, you can grab this and give it to Jin before leaving.

A spade can also be found outside of the Water Sports Rental kiosk. This is the building on the beach in the Golden Beach area that gets opened up after the Hero rescues Haris who is trapped in a broken SUV. The kiosk is situated between a yellow and blue awning and has a workbench inside.


Two spades can be found in front the River Village safe house, the hut where Jin leads the Hero when first entering the Jungle during Act III; it's convenient as it's very close to a fast travel portal.


Spicked Bat
"A lot of people around here need help. Talk to them. Maybe you can lend them a hand."
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