Xian Mei wielding a sickle

The Sickle is a sharp melee weapon in Dead Island. A sickle is typically used to harvest crops, but in the game they are (obviously) used as melee weapons. They have low durability, about the same range as the Knife, but counter that with a high cutting damage and medium force. Sickles are best used for fighting individual or small groups of zombies. Due to their short range, they are not very effective against special infected. The sickle is also one of the most common items sold by merchants in the game. The prices may vary from $2000 to a whopping $15000 when you reach level 40.


  • Brutal Sickle
  • Battle Sickle
  • Exotic Sickle
  • Sickle
  • Wicked Sickle


  • Sickles are known to have one of the lowest durabilities out of all of the weapons.


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