Shotgun Ammo Recipe

The shotgun ammo recipe is one of the ammunition blueprints featured in Dead Island. It can be found in the Police Station in Moresby during Act II.


The blueprint allows the player to make ammo for shotguns. It requires 2 metal scraps and 1 bleach to produce 5 shotgun shells and costs $750.


It is found in a room adjacent to the computer room. Although the room has two doors it can only be accessed through the last room. The player can then unlock the other door from the inside leading back into the ruined hallway. It cannot be obtained the first time visiting the station when rescuing Jin, only during the side quest "Matter of Justice", with the door to the room opens so the player can complete the quest. Note that the door only opens AFTER taking the quest item "Tim's Files" and the player must kill an Infected before getting it.


Dead Island - shotgun ammo blueprint location

Dead Island - shotgun ammo blueprint location.

The blueprint's location