Inside the Sewers

The sewers are a location in Dead Island, found under the streets of Moresby.


The sewers are initially inaccessible when the Hero reaches Moresby, having been flooded in a recent storm. This changes in the Act II quest Let the Waters Flow, where the Hero is tasked with draining the floodwaters from the Sewers so that they can use them to reach Moresby's Town Hall. Once drained, the Sewers provide access not only to Town Hall and the Supermarket, but to numerous locations within Moresby, most prominently the Police Station.

The Sewers consist primarily of small tunnels and corridors with frequent turns, jogs, and obstacles such as pipes, steam vents, and gratings, all of which may impede ease of travel. The tunnels occasionally widen or open up into larger rooms, some with accessible catwalks or second floors. Almost all sections of the sewers feature branching paths with numerous dead ends and blocked tunnels, making navigation sometimes confusing.

In addition to navigation hazards, the Sewers are infested with zombies, with Floaters and Suiciders being very common, along with Walkers and more rarely Infected and Thugs. Rams do not appear in the Sewers, nor do human enemies such as Punks. Though the close quarters can make combat difficult, the numbers of zombies in the Sewers are far lower than found above ground in Moresby, which may make the Sewers a safer option for traveling.

Though in general items are rather sparse in the Sewers, certain items such as Propane Tanks, Debris Piles, and pipes are somewhat common. Health items such as Fruit, Snacks, and Energy Drinks appear infrequently as well. Workbenches are placed at semi-regular locations throughout the Sewers, affording the Hero plenty of opportunities to repair or modify their weapons as needed.


The Sewers are the only way to reach both Town Hall and the Supermarket, and remain so for the entire game. They also provide access to the Police Station prior to the main gates being unlocked at the conclusion of the quest Lady in Trouble.

In addition, traveling through the Sewers may be a faster, safer method to reach certain locations within Moresby, particularly locations that have no nearby Fast Travel, such as the Pump Station.



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