Sergei Kletska
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown

Ukraine Ukrainian

Status Alive
Location Moresby - Café Kiev

If you're waiting to get served, forget about it. My friends packed up and left. Left me here to die. They went to hole up in some hideout. Heard them talking about it once, somewhere in the jungle they said. Meanwhile, they leave me here all alone...
— Sergei, talking about his friends.

Sergei Kletska is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside the Café Kiev, owned by his comrade Nikolai.

He is one of the focuses of the side quest A Voice from Above the Sky, in which the Hero must find him and retrieve a new satellite phone for Nikolai. However, upon finding Sergei, it is revealed his comrades have left him alone in the restaurant, fleeing to a hideout in the jungle. Unfortunately, they have taken the satellite phone with them and the Hero must now track them down.

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