Second Aid
Second Aid
Difficulty Easy
Given By Otha Cantu
Reward 1500 XP, Saw Disc Axe Mod
Task Collect all the boxes with medicine and deliver them to Paul.
Location Act III jungle. Previous Bridge Too Far
Next N/A

Second Aid is an easy side-quest given to the Hero by Otha Cantu in Dead Island.


The Hero must retrieve the medical supplies that have scattered beneath the bridge. Then, the supplies must be delivered to Paul at the Overpass Camp.

There are 5 boxes of supplies. One is out on the end of the tree trunk past the crashed truck. Due to the uneven terrain beneath the bridge it is advised to proceed with caution in order to avoid falling to the bottom of the ravine.

There is a Walker and a Butcher across the natural bridge (below the driving bridge where you receive the mission). If you are aware of this you can jump on a tall rock just below the truck and use a gun to draw the Butcher's attention. It can't get you so you can kill it with ranged attacks when it's below the rock.

There is a group of undead with a Butcher between the bridge and the Overpass Camp. It's best to drive through them.

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