Doctor Sebastian
DI Sebastian
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Unitedkingdom British

Status Deceased, Zombie
Location Laboratory
Quest(s) Danse Macabre
No Sign of Life
The Dead Don't Eat Crackers
Message of Love
You may be looking for Sebastian Black, a survivor located in the Jungle.

It was my birthday a month ago. My parents... they wanted to visit... but as usual…I blew them off. Will you give them a message from me?
— Sebastian, asking for help delivering a message to his parents.

Doctor Sebastian is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located inside a bungalow near the laboratory.

He is the primary focus of the side quest Danse Macabre in which the Hero must rescue him from the zombies attacking his bungalow.

Once saved, he gives the Hero the side quest No Sign of Life, in which the Hero must travel to a nearby bungalow and check on Sebastian's friend.

He then gives the Hero the side quest The Dead Don't Eat Crackers, in which the Hero must search the nearby bungalows for food.

With his bungalow stocked full of food, Sebastian reveals to the Hero that he has been infected and does not have long to live. He explains to the Hero he recently celebrated his birthday, but when his parents asked to visit, he blew them off. He then gives the Hero the side quest Message of Love, in which the Hero must travel to Sebastian's office and send his parents an e-mail apologizing and saying his goodbyes. He will then give the Hero a blue Wakizashi as a reward.

Due to being infected, Sebastian later turns into a Zombie (however since the door is opened it looks more like the zombies outside got through the door).

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