Scran's not for the Dead
Difficulty Medium
Given By Monroe
Reward 3000 XP, Cash
Task Clear the food storage warehouse of Zombies.
Location Laboratory Previous Deus ex Machina
Next Blood Compound

Scran's not for the Dead is a side-quest given to the Hero by Monroe.


The Hero must clear the interior of the food warehouse of the undead.

In single player the warehouse contained only 4 Walkers and a Thug. Since there are two doors that can be opened and neither requires breaking down it's easy to lure a Walker or two out, close the door, kill them, and go to the other door to keep the Zombies separated as they're taken out.

It was actually more dangerous heading to and from the warehouse than dealing with the foes in it.


  • There is a Meat Bait in the warehouse on the floor (as well as a moderate amount of Food, as should be expected, and a safe).
  • On the floor, in the warehouse, beside one of the doors, amid a pile of books is an ID Card.
  • Sometimes the two Infected that lurk just east of the warehouse (and can generally be avoided by moving carefully and quickly) are instead directly in front of the doors to the warehouse.

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