Sacred Silence
Difficulty N/A
Given By Mother Helen
Reward 2000 XP, Savage Mace
Task Silence the bells.
Location Saint Christopher's Church Previous Ram on Heaven's Door
Next Drowned Hope

Sacred Silence is a quest given to the Hero by Mother Helen in Dead Island.


Immediately after entering Saint Christopher's Church, the Hero can talk to Mother Helen, who ask the Hero to break into the back room where Frank has locked himself in. Upon entering, the Hero will need to kill Frank, who has turned into a Thug, and shut off the bells using the switch in the far right side of the room.

Once the quest has begun by opening the door and entering the back room, the Hero cannot get back to the vestibule (where the altar is) until it is complete. Accepting the quest occurs by starting it, i.e., entering the short hallway. Even though the other Saint Christopher's Church survivors tell the Hero to talk to Mother Helen, she will not actually offer the quest sheet.

Without entering the room, prepare a powerful projectile weapon such as the Molotov Cocktails or Deo-Bombs. Open the door, throw the projectile, and then immediately close the door. Watch the red skull in the mini-map to know where Frank is. If he is not dead, he should be softened up for easy killing with strong thrown weapons. Take the key off his body to open the panel and complete the quest.


  • Some of the survivors will continue to hold their ears even after the bells have stopped until the quest Drop by Drop is completed (and possibly even after).
  • Once this quest is completed several side quests become available.

Video Walkthrough

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