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Roy Becker
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Personal info
Gender Male

Unitedstates American

Status Alive
Portrayed by Xander Mobus
Melee proficiency Melee100
Ranged proficiency Ranged100
Roles Mobile, Support, Supply Carry
Passive Snap shot
Secondary weapon attacks deal increased damage to flashed enemies.
Damage: 25%
Difficulty Difficulty-damage-mobility-6
Protection Protection-control-4
Damage Difficulty-damage-mobility-3
Control Protection-control-3
Mobility Difficulty-damage-mobility-6

Roy Becker is a character featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.


Roy Becker the 16th. The amazing tourist who has yet to see it all. Any man with a fanny pack has nothing to fear. Roy has collected many coupons for many of the major fast food chains; in a moment of precognition he realized the apocalypse was upon us and made use of all coupons, stacking up on food.
— Roy's lore

Roy is a tough one who lures people into thinking that he is useless due to his large frame. But he will keep your enemies occupied and confused. Allies will not be able to resist Roy's enthusiasm for sightseeing.


Rollin' (Q)

(Max level 4)

Curl up into a ball and rollout. You gain increased movement speed and deal damage to enemies hit. You and enemies are slightly knocked back on impact.

  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Cast time: 0.2s
    • Duration: 2s
    • Damage: 80/90/100/130%
    • Haste: 50%


  1. Reverse Momentum (Skill level 2)
    • Your fantastic momentum increases damage dealt per enemy hit.
      • Bonus Damage per Hit: 10%
      • Max Stacks: 3
  2. Rolloff (Skill level 3)
    • When Rollin' ends, you cause a shockwave that deals damage and incapacitates enemies in the area.
      • Area Damage: 100%
      • Incapacitate: 1.5s

Camera Flash (E)

(Max level 4)

Snap a shot with your camera. The flash blinds enemies in the area.

  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Cast time: 0.3s
    • Blind: 1.8/2.1/2.4/3s
    • Area Damage: 50/60/70/100%


  1. Oh Snap! (Skill level 2)
    • Flashed enemies are amplified. Damage dealt to amplified enemies is increased.
      • Amplify Duration: 2.5s
      • Amplify: 25%
  2. Burst Mode (Skill level 3)
    • You take pictures using the rapid fire function on the camera. The extra flashes deal more damage.
      • Additional Damage: 60%

Picnic (R)

(Max level 4)

Munch down on food and toss food around to nearby allies. Eating fast food heals you; each consecutive bite heals a bit less.

  • Cooldown: 14s
  • Cast time: 0.2s
    • Healing: 150/170/190/220%
    • Reduced Healing: 50%


  1. Chili Burgers (Skill level 2)
    • Spice up your burgers with chili, increasing rage generation as you blow off steam!
      • Rage Generation Increase: 50%
      • Duration: 6s
  2. Rotten Burger (Skill level 3)
    • Recast to throw a rotten burger in the face of an enemy to deal damage and cripple them.
      • Recast
      • Damage: 100%
      • Cripple Duration: 1.5s

Sightseeing (F)

(Max level 3)

Call out to everyone; releasing you and allies from movement based debuff and granting increased movement speed, no matter what distance, as it is time to see wonders of Amaia before it is too late.

  • Cooldown: 120/105/90s
  • Cast time: 0.3s
    • Haste: 45%
    • Duration: 4.5s


  1. Backpackers (Skill level 2)
    • When the weather is against you or not, you and your allies strengthen against all harmful conditions by gaining a shield that absorbs damage.
      • Shield Absorb: 240%



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