Roger Nelson
DI Roger Nelson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 35
Family Jessica Nelson (wife), James Stein (brother)
Status Deceased
Location Silver Bungalows
Quest(s) Bloody Valentine

That driver, he must have been in shock or something because he threw himself at us like a crazy guy. I had to… had to kill him. But this was self-defense. I was protecting myself, man. C'mon, you gotta believe me. But you know what, he took a bite out of me, man.
— Roger, talking about his bite.
Roger Nelson was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found in the Silver Bungalows district, inside the barricaded bungalow #6 the Hero must visit during the side quest My Precious.

When the Hero gains access to the bungalow, his wife, Jessica Nelson, explains Roger is bleeding and begs for help. Talking to Roger reveals the couple were fleeing the resort when they came across a broken down car and stopped to help. Unbeknownst to the Nelsons, the driver had become a zombie who charged at Roger and bit him. Roger was forced to kill the man, but now believes he has rabies. This begins the side quest Bloody Valentine, in which the Hero must escort Jessica to the Lighthouse.

Once at the Lighthouse, Jessica asks the Hero to check on her husband. When the Hero returns to the bungalow, they will be confronted by Roger, who is now a Walker.


  • Oddly, Roger claims James Stein is his brother, despite the fact they have different surnames and accents. It is likely Roger was using the term "brother" as a way of indicating a good friend.
    • It can also be a familiar form of addressing someone, as he addresses the Hero as such frequently during their discussion.
    • Conversely, they could have been step brothers or brothers-in-law.
  • Similar to Nenja Samejon, the undead Roger will respawn every time the player reloads the map (either by reloading a saved game from the main menu, or re-entering the area from another location).
  • Strangely, his zombie form has no facial hair. This may be a result of the zombification process (the loss of facial hair), or simply a result of a change during the game's development process.
  • If you look at Roger in his "Dying" state, you will notice he has bandages on his right wrist. In his "Roger's Body" deceased state, the bandages have mysteriously moved to his left wrist.
  • Roger will have a lot of his chest and torso region missing when confronted in his undead state, even during the quick amount of time it took to transport Jessica Nelson to the Lighthouse. This could show how quick it takes to turn and decay, similarly seen in the Dead Island 2 teaser trailer. However, it is more likely a zombie entered the building, killed Roger and left as a result of the hero having moved the car originally barricading the entrance.


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