Doctor Robert West
DI Robert West
Vital statistics
Gender Male

Unitedkingdom British

Status Deceased
Location Laboratory
Quest(s) Man of Faith
Pure Blood
Portrayed by John Cygan

I'm sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Dr. Robert West. I've been examining the blood of several natives suffering from this infection and it appears to be a virus of some kind, but it mutates so quickly it's impossible to classify.
— Dr. West introducing himself and talking about the disease.
Doctor Robert West was a survivor featured in Dead Island. He was a doctor, virologist, and was the leader of the survivors barricaded inside the Laboratory. After meeting the Hero, he takes a sample of blood in order to attempt a cure for the virus.

He gives the Hero the quest Man of Faith, in which the Hero must travel to the nearby camp of natives and take some blood samples. He later gives the hero the quest Pure Blood, in which he asks the hero to get the blood of tissue of a native who has not come into contact with the mutated Kuru virus.

According to Yerema, he was taking multiple shots of blood from her and was about to kill her. She tells the Hero that she went to school in Moresby and knows a person can lose only a certain amount of blood. Yerema then locked herself in the cage, threatening West to open it. When he attempted to during the quest No Time to Talk, the remaining cages containing zombie test subjects were accidentally opened and West was killed. This may foreshadow a darker West, or Yerema may have been over-reacting due to her abusive upbringing.

It is revealed during the events of Ryder White's Campaign that Dr. West was working for Charon and the "Consortium", tasked with producing a "supervirus" derived from the original zombie virus carried by Yerema. When Dr. West expresses his intentions to produce a cure for the virus as well using the blood of Yerema and the Heroes, Charon remotely opened the cages containing the zombie test subjects, allowing them to overrun the lab and kill Dr. West and the other scientists. Charon then tricks Ryder White and the Heroes into believing the supervirus sample is in fact a vaccine, in order to manipulate them into bringing it to him.


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