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River Village
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Katie (Deceased)
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The River Village is a location featured in Dead Island. The Hero arrives in the village alongside Jin during the quest "Welcome to the Jungle."

Upon their arrival, the Hero and Jin finds that the village has been completely wiped out by the virus. Later, Afran and his soldiers showed up and looted all what's left of the village.

However, the Hero finds Matutero and Mohakin inside a hut along with other survivor in other huts. The village is littered with bodies. Matutero explains that he will take the Hero and Jin to see Mowen if they help him.

Associated Quests

Side Quests


  • The two metal chests in the room behind Mohakin seem to be more likely to spawn firearms and will respawn when leaving the area, allowing for easy farming.
  • Storage behind the hut where Matutero is located was often mistaken to be inaccessible until further on the story plot, however if the player walks out of the hut and goes around it, he/she will eventually find a door that will directly lead the player to the storage room, giving access to the two metal chests in the room, as well as a few healing items. This allows the player to farm for weapons and firearms early in the game.

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