Richard Case
Survivor Richard Case
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown


Status Alive
Location Diamond Beach

I was staying in the Diamond Bungalows and made a run for it. I didn't get too damn far as you can see. Here. Take this key. If you have the guts to go to my bungalow, everything there is yours for the taking. You earned it.
— Richard, rewarding the Hero with the keys to his house.
Richard Case is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is located in the Diamond Beach area.

While exploring the Resort map of Act I the Hero may catch a broadcast from Richard Case. The message reads:

Hello, if anyone can hear me, I'm trapped in a lifeguard booth by the beach. I'm surrounded by the infected and they are clawing to get in. I need help! If someone can hear me! Please hurry!

Richard can be found in a lifeguard booth in the Diamond Beach area, close to the coast (it is near the "bar island" at the lower passage to Diamond Bungalows). There are several zombies trying to get inside the booth.

As a reward for rescuing him, he gives the Hero the keys to his house, triggering the side quest "House Full of Surprises." He tells the Hero to take whatever they want from his house, and states his intention to get off the island. A machete can often be found inside the house. If the Hero returns to the lifeguard booth later on, Richard will have already left. It is unknown if he was able to find sanctuary or was killed by zombies.