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This is a map of the Resort section of Dead Island.

For ID Cards, Tape Recordings and Banoi Herald Excerpts, hover over the desired number and a pop-up will tell you precisely where to find it. Click on it, and it will take you to the collectibles page, where you can see an in-game image of where the item is found.

Click here for a larger version of this map.

Collectible Map[1]

Resort mapTapere01 small iconTapere02 small iconJournal01 small iconJournal02 small iconJournal03 small iconJournal04 small iconJournal05 small iconJournal06 small iconJournal07 small iconJournal08 small iconJournal09 small iconJournal10 small iconJournal11 small iconJournal12 small iconIdcard001 small iconIdcard002 small iconIdcard003 small iconIdcard004 small iconIdcard005 small iconIdcard006 small iconIdcard007 small iconIdcard008 small iconIdcard009 small iconIdcard010 small iconIdcard011 small iconIdcard012 small iconIdcard013 small iconIdcard014 small iconIdcard015 small iconIdcard016 small iconIdcard017 small iconIdcard018 small iconIdcard019 small iconIdcard020 small iconIdcard021 small iconIdcard022 small iconIdcard023 small iconIdcard024 small iconIdcard025 small icon
Tape Recordings
Tapere01 small icon Tape Recording #01
Tapere02 small icon Tape Recorder #02
Banoi Herald Excerpts
Journal01 small icon Excerpt #1
Journal02 small icon Excerpt #2
Journal03 small icon Excerpt #3
Journal04 small icon Excerpt #4
Journal05 small icon Excerpt #5
Journal06 small icon Excerpt #6
Journal07 small icon Excerpt #7
Journal08 small icon Excerpt #8
Journal09 small icon Excerpt #9
Journal10 small icon Excerpt #10
Journal11 small icon Excerpt #11
Journal12 small icon Excerpt #12
ID Cards
Idcard001 small icon ID Card #1
Idcard002 small icon ID Card #2
Idcard003 small icon ID Card #3
Idcard004 small icon ID Card #4
Idcard005 small icon ID Card #5
Idcard006 small icon ID Card #6
Idcard007 small icon ID Card #7
Idcard008 small icon ID Card #8
Idcard009 small icon ID Card #9
Idcard010 small icon ID Card #10
Idcard011 small icon ID Card #11
Idcard012 small icon ID Card #12
Idcard013 small icon ID Card #13
Idcard014 small icon ID Card #14
Idcard015 small icon ID Card #15
Idcard016 small icon ID Card #16
Idcard017 small icon ID Card #17
Idcard018 small icon ID Card #18
Idcard019 small icon ID Card #19
Idcard020 small icon ID Card #20
Idcard021 small icon ID Card #21
Idcard022 small icon ID Card #22
Idcard023 small icon ID Card #23
Idcard024 small icon ID Card #24
Idcard025 small icon ID Card #25

Area Map



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