Rescue Brian
Brian, waiting for the Hero's help
Given By Brian
Reward Cash
Task Kill all the zombies surrounding Brian
Location flooded jungle

Rescue Brian is a Civilian Rescue quest (likely the first encountered) in Dead Island: Riptide. When the Hero nears Brian's location at the gas station next to James Nisira's Bungalow just south of the Paradise Survival Camp, the quest automatically activates. Brian is stuck on behind a series of fences in front of the gas station, and is surrounded by zombies and a Thug. After killing the zombies, he will instruct the Hero to go around back and open the door to receive cash as a reward.


  • Brian is likely the first civilian rescue the Hero will encounter in Dead Island: Riptide, given his location to the first safe house, and proximity to the earliest main quests in Chapter 1.


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