Wolveriene Mod

Rending Claws Mod

The Rending Claws Mod, also known as the Wolverine Claws Mod, is a new weapon mod added to Dead Island in Patch 1.3. The mod can only be applied to Spiked Brass Knuckles, Badass Brass Knuckles or Brutal Brass Knuckles. The mod adds a Bleed Effect to the weapon.

On October 27, a patch was released renaming it to Rending Claws Mod.


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"Regular brass knuckles may not suffice to handle someone who doesn't feel a thing and the only thing they want is to eat your face. One needs something more. The inspiration for my upgraded brass knuckles was a certain superhero - after mounting a couple sizeable blades you will level the battlefield when you're confronted with one of those freaks. I can only wish you luck, friend."
Found in the Resort on a table beside one of the bungalows at the southeast end of the Silver Bungalows. The basement area with the transformers that need to be turned on during the quest "A Ray of Hope" is right beside the bungalow.
Note: This mod only becomes available after installing Patch 1.3.
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Rending Claws Mod



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