This is a list of references to other media in Dead Island. These references are generally pop culture references and other fun topics the developers placed into the game for the players to find, and which don't have any impact on the game's progression.


  • License plates read "D34D 1574ND," which translates from leet speak to Dead Island. However, in the definitive edition, they were changed to normal plates.
  • On various bookshelves throughout the game, the player can find a book titled Dead Island: A True Story which is a reference to the real-world book Dead Island: The Book.
  • The challenge "YA RLY" is a reference to the popular internet meme "O RLY?".
  • In the beginning, when the player leaves their room and enters the one down the hall left of them, they will find there the couple from the trailer — dead.
  • Beer machines all over the Banoi Island (many are found in bars in the Resort area) have the "Heineken" logo on them, but instead read "Dead Islander".
  • The Alcohol bottles in the game resemble Jack Daniels, but read "Carcass Lager Ale".
  • The player can find packets of tobacco scattered around the floor (many can be located where they have to find flares in Act I) that are clearly modeled after Golden Virginia brand rolling tobacco.
  • The Snacks and Extra Snacks have the name "Deimos" on their wrappers. This is a reference to the "Mars" bars, as Deimos is one of Mars' moons (the other being Phobos).
  • In the supermarket, there are freezer boxes that read "Spirit". These are clearly modeled after the soda Sprite.
  • A copy of "Fakt", the largest Polish tabloid, can be found in Act I. The headline on the front page says: "Ile ofiar zbierze zaraza?" ("How many victims will gather the plague?"). "Fakt" is known for publishing absurd articles, e.g. "I do not sleep because I'm holding the cabinet" ("Nie śpię, bo trzymam kredens") or "Quilt wanted to strangle me" ("Kołdra chciała mnie udusić").
  • A poster with the face of Adrian Ciszewski, producer of Dead Island, and sign "VOTE!" can be found in many places throughout the island, e.g. in Mohakin's cabin in Act III. (The poster in Mohakin's place has two diving knives sticks in both eyes on the poster, both of which can be taken.)
  • Nenja Samejon is tied to the bed in Act I in front of the cameras. If the player transposes the first "n" and "j" in her first name, and the "s" and "j" in her last name, it's Jenna Jameson.
  • A man named Ted B. is kneeling in a blood-stained pool next to Sinamoi's bungalow. He is a reference to the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.
  • At all the gas stations that can be accessed, all the gas prices are 6.66, a reference to the Number of the Beast, 666.
  • The quest "Chasing the White Rabbit" is a reference to Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland, wherein the protagonist Alice chases the White Rabbit into a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland.
  • The Achievement/Trophy "There and back again", where the entire island needs to be explored, is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's book, The Hobbit.
  • The quest Titus Andronikus is a reference to the tragedy Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare.
  • There's a hidden button on the map "Tomb of Natives" that was believed to have something to do with an upcoming DLC (however, it turned out it's just a hidden button); see more here.
  • One of the movie posters in the Henderson Cinema is an image of what appears to be Cthulhu perched on top of a skyscraper.
  • In the Rending Claws Mod, it states the designer got the thought from a certain superhero. That hero is Wolverine of the X-Men.

Video Games




  • Two survivors, Jack and Bob, both reference the "Star Trek" series, specifically the famous catch phrase of Leonard H. McCoy.
  • The Oceanic Flight 1012 plane crash and the opening of the hatch in the Lifeguard Tower are references to the TV Series Lost, where Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a tropical island. Other TV shows also use the Oceanic Airways name.
  • The achievement/trophy "Everybody lies" is a reference to the catch phrase of Gregory House from the television show House.
  • The challenge "It's WAY over 9000!" is a reference to the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball, specifically a meme spawned from Dragon Ball Z.
  • In an abandoned house in Moresby, there is a door leading to a room full of undead. Next to the door the words "Don't Open, Dead Inside" are scrawled on the wall. This is a reference to the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, when Rick Grimes is in the hospital (itself a reference to the original comic). Also, Walker is the common term used by Rick Grimes' group for zombies in that series.


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