Red Dot Rifle
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Rarity Lethal
Power 321
Critical strike 60
Fury 65
Ability Leg Shot
Modification slots
Lethal 3
Animal Glue 90
Plastic Scrap 18
Account level 32
Tier 12
Gear points 56.200 (22.000)

Red Dot Rifle is a rifle featured in Dead Island: Epidemic.

Leeching Acid - Active Perk - Your primary ranged attacks has a chance to apply Leeching Acid on target. Leeching Acid deals damage over time and heals you for half the damage done.
  • 20% Trigger Chance
  • 100% Damage over time
  • 1.5s Duration

See also: Junkyard Tank Gun, Red Death, Nature's Rifle, The Conductor, The Works, Volatile Application


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